NHU always attaches great attention to talents by recruiting and cultivating them. Scientific career promotion path in NHU has been established, and NHU constantly provides the staff with competitive salary and welfare. NHU corporates with experts from America, German, Japan and some other countries, and has a talent team who graduate from prestigious universities domestic and overseas. Besides, NHU also builds up long-term cooperative relationship with prestigious universities like Zhejiang University and research institutions like Shanghai Organic Institute. There are four modern production bases distributed in Xinchang, Shangyu in Zhejiang Province, Weifang in Shandong Province and Suihua in Heilongjiang Province. And there are also some branches spread among Hangzhou, Beijing, Anhui, Hongkong, German and America. In the face of global chemical industry, NHU will promise a future to itself and all the staff.

If you are experienced in operation, management, R&D, finance, marketing, human resources, etc. and have set up your own unique professional system and insights, we are looking forward to in-depth communication with you! You could get in touch with us via the Contact below.

Mail: hr@cnhu.com ; Phone: +86- 0575-86133006

If you have any questions about your enquiries in NHU, or want to learn more about any specific vacancies, applications are available directly through the the Website below.